What to buy at Costco?

What To Buy At Costco?

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Costco has to be one of my favorite stores, HANDS DOWN!! But, what do you buy at Costco? And why should you shop there? I get these questions a lot and people often tell me they do not need to buy in bulk. Well, my friends, toilet paper is not going out of style and we can all buy that in bulk!!

Even if you don’t need to buy in bulk they have great deals on just about everything! I always leave Costco with more than I intended to buy, but I really enjoyed making the extra purchases LOL! As you can see my kids also love Costco, but they are getting a little too big for the cart!

The quality of products at Costco is great. I have not seen a brand at Costco yet that has poor quality, even their private label brand, Kirkland! Your saving money by not purchasing a “name brand” but not sacrificing quality.

Now, I know I cannot get everything at Costco, but what do I buy at Costco and why?

1. Simple/Easy Choices

Often I go to the grocery store and feel overwhelmed because there are TOO many choices. How can I choose between 15 different types of toothpaste? Is there really a difference? At Costco, there is usually one choice and it’s in bulk! I have found that I trust Costco enough on the decision to go with a particular brand. I’m saving time (because I don’t have to buy this item for a long time) and money (because it’s a great deal!)! It’s a win-win.

2. Meat Prices

Costco has THE BEST MEAT at the best prices. Ground beef, chicken, fresh Lobster; you name it and it is great! We buy their ground beef in bulk, and freeze 1 lb per ziplock. It always comes in handy and we don’t have to remember to buy it every week at the grocery store. I just spend $19.36 on 6.7 lbs of ground beef at Costco. That is $2.89 per lb. At my local grocery store, the same ground beef is $4.49 per lb. If I purchased 6.7 lbs of ground beef at the grocery store that would have cost me $30.08. I saved $10.72 at Costco just on ground beef!! That is not the only thing considerably cheaper, their Rotisserie chickens are much larger than the local grocery stores and they are between $4-$5! I haven’t seen another store with that price.

The same is true for other meats as well. My husband likes to smoke brisket, ribs, and chicken, and we always buy our meat at Costco. You can get a 2-pack of whole chickens for around $10-$12 depending on the weight! Not only that, they sell the prime brisket (~$4 per lb) at a cheaper price than the choice brisket (~$5 per lb)! Why go anywhere else?!

3. Snacks!!

If you have children who eat non-stop like mine, Costco snacks are where its at! We buy the individual bags of Chips, popcorn, Pirates Booty, Belvita, and Goldfish to name a few. Honestly, buying these snacks at Costco is such a money saver! You get a lot more for your money than buying the regular pack at the grocery store.

4. Seasonal Items

Costco seasonal items are like my Achilles heel. Cute Christmas Moose holding a lantern? I think I need that! Six Foot LED Musical Nutcracker? I definitely need that! I usually have to talk myself out of a few things, but honestly they have items that you most likely won’t see anywhere else, especially for the prices. If your shopping for something like Christmas lights, they have a few choices and I would put my money on it that the quality is going to be fantastic. Your choice is simple, because you don’t have too many options to choose from.

Here are the seasonal items I won’t buy anywhere else:
  • Scotch tape
  • Wrapping paper (it’s thick and doesn’t rip when wrapping)
  • Tissue paper
  • Wreaths
  • Christmas Lights
  • Batteries (BEST PRICE IN TOWN!)

During the summer months they always have great deals on pool supplies, including the chemicals, pool toys, rafts – especially huge ones for the lake! They also have bikes, helmets, golf clubs and camping supplies just to name a few! You need to check it out for yourself!!

5. Costco Photo Center

I always order my photos through Costco. They make it so easy! You go to https://www.costcophotocenter.com/ create an account and upload the photos you want. You then place your order and you don’t have to pay until you pick up! They have great quality – way better than any drug store I’ve tried! You can get any size you want, and they do photo gifts as well – including canvas and metal prints! Did you know they do home video transfers too? They really do it all!

6. Household Items

If your not buying toilet paper and paper towel at Costco you are wasting your money! Those items are never going out of style and are so worth buying in bulk. We only buy these items at Costco and only have to purchase them a handful of times a year. Other household items we stock up on:

  • Laundry Detergent
  • Dryer Sheets
  • Ziplock Bags
  • Dishwasher Pods
  • Kleenex

7. Costco Gas

I’m sure you have heard about Costco Gas by now. It is usually the cheapest in town. I always fill up when I am near Costco, even if I don’t need to. It’s saving me money in the long run. I will say I do not drive out of my way just to get gas at Costco to save a couple of bucks, but I fill up when I can!

8. Electronics

Costco has the best selection of electronics. They always have some of the latest and greatest models, and name brands at a great price. From TV’s, to headphones, to cameras! We have purchased several TV’s from Costco. I know I can always trust that the choices they have in store are some of the best in the market.

9. Appliances

About a year ago, we remodeled our kitchen. We needed every kitchen appliance. I shopped around and did a comparison of every store and pretty much every brand. We ended up going with the 4 piece GE Appliance package from Costco, it was the best price we could fine and comparably it had the more expensive models in the package. The delivery and installation was seamless and I highly recommend!

$60 is all it costs for a Gold Star Membership!

I hope you have enjoyed my reasons for loving Costco and if you aren’t already a member, maybe you’ll be one soon?!

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