Superbowl Birthday Cake!

My Nephew’s birthday just so happens to be in February and he wanted a Superbowl Birthday Party! I was so excited to make this cake to go along with the theme, but we needed to know who was playing first! It was the…………………………Patriots vs. Rams! My nephew was rooting for the Rams and sadly they lost, however the Cake took the win that night! (and yes I know the Rams Logo was angled incorrectly, but oh well no one really cared)

People always ask me how I make these cakes. It’s really not THAT hard, but it does take time and patience. You also have to commit, and NEVER give up! I happened to make a time-lapse video while decorating this cake. I wanted to show my kids and it turns out that the adults were just as excited to see the video. This is when I started to realize people were very interested in what goes into decorating a cake, and maybe I should blog about it. For a cake like this that has more detail as in the logos, I always print the size I want on some paper and cut it out. I always print a few. I trace around it with a toothpick or a pen with food coloring, which you can buy at JoAnn’s. In either case you will have to keep wiping it off as you go. Once I do the outline I take the piece of paper off and if there is more detail within the logo I will cut down to that and place it back on and trace some more. I keep going until needed. Then I fill it in with the colors. The outline does NOT need to be perfect because you will be going over it with frosting anyway!

What You Need For This Cake

  • 3 Boxes of Betty Crocker Cake Mix – Any Flavor!
  • Oil – I always use Canola over vegetable – either work
  • 9 Eggs / 3 per box
  • 4-5 Cans of white frosting. I used Vanilla for all. 4 is probably plenty, but when you are dying a bunch of colors it’s better to have more than not enough!
  • Pre-made red frosting! Red is so hard to dye so I usually buy it already dyed. Wilton sells one in a bag with a tip on it already, but I cut the bag open and put into my own bag so I can attach the tip of choice!
  • Pre-made gold piping gel – for the Ram’s logo
  • 12×18 Sheet Cake Pan
  • 12 cupcake papers
  • 19×14 Wilton Cake Box
  • 13×19 Wilton Cake Board
  • #12 Wilton Tip for the border
  • #16 Wilton Tip for the red part of the Patriots Logo
  • #3 Tip for the writing and the logos
  • Royal Blue food dye
  • Brown food dye
  • Moss Green food dye
  • Goal posts. I found these at Party city. They were sold in a large pack, probably for cupcakes.
  • I bake at 375 Degrees F and I always set the timer for 40 minutes then check it and add minutes if needed. I use the Wilton Baking guide for guidance. Keep in mind all ovens are different and some bake faster or slower than others.
    Make sure you grease the pan! I use butter and flour, but you can use spray as well. Make sure it is a baking spray!

Decorating Tips!

  • Make sure the cake is completely cooled – you don’t want the frosting to melt!
  • I always color all of my frosting in the beginning and put them in the piping bags so they are ready to go! (to fill a piping bag I always set it in a tall cup so it will stand up!)
  • Put all 3 cans of frosting on the cake a spread thoroughly. Avoid letting crumbs pull up. If you do, try to wipe them off. You will have excess frosting. Use the spatula to smooth and put the excess back in the bowl.
  • I started with the Yard Lines, then team logos/Football, and finally the border, words and numbers.
  • Happy Decorating!!