So Many Cakes…

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I can’t wait to blog about all of the cakes I have made over the past 10 years. I have taken pictures of all of them, and I am going to document them right here on my blog! It’s going to take a bit of time, but I will get through them, I promise! I am also going to continue to post cakes as I make them. I am also going to experiment with tools and designs, so I can do the leg work and you can learn from my mistakes, I mean, no one is perfect! Which by the way is also true for cakes, well my cakes. I like to have fun while baking and if you strive for perfection every time, it sure does take the fun out of it. I also like to dabble in making frosted Donuts, Cookies, and other desserts. You could say I have a bit of a sweet tooth! Stay tuned, because you will be hearing a lot from me!!

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