“Ice Cream Cone” Birthday Cake

Ice Cream Cone Cake

Happy Birthday Cecilia!

Can this cake be any cuter? This “Ice Cream Cone” cake was probably one of the easiest to make, and it was a lot of fun! Ceci, of course, loved her ice cream cone themed cake, what a great way to celebrate a 1st birthday!

The Cake

For the Cake I used Betty Crocker Funfetti! It is a total crowd pleaser!! I chose a 9×13 sized sheet pan. You can see the recipe below.

The Frosting

I am going to be completely honest here. I used store bought frosting… It tastes great, and it saves me a lot of time. Here I used Betty Crocker whipped Vanilla frosting because it spreads really easy. For the base I used Wilton Sky Blue food coloring. I left some un-colored for the “vanilla” part of the ice cream cone, and I used Betty Crocker Rich and Creamy Cherry for the pink part of the ice cream cone. Food coloring is also an option, but I love the cherry frosting!! For the actual cone part, I used a tiny bit of Wilton brown food coloring to get the tan color.

Making The Ice Cream Cone

To make the ice cream cone, I started at the top with the top layer of ice cream, and used a star shaped tip #14. I piped the outline of the ice cream cone and then filled it in. Secondly, I did the same with the next layer of ice cream. For the cone, I used a flat tip #47 for the base and then did the criss-cross with the #3 tip.

Chocolate Drizzle

I used a new technique on this cake to get the drizzle down the sides. It turned out really well and was so easy! I mean, how hard is it to make a mess on purpose?

I took store bought chocolate frosting and put some in a glass dish and microwaved it for about 30 seconds. Let that sit for a few minutes so it is not boiling hot and melt the frosting on the cake. However, you do not want to wait to long because it will not drizzle. After a few minutes I took a spoonful of the melted chocolate and ran it along the top of the cake so it would drizzle down. Go over it as much as you like to get the effect you want. I also did the drizzle on the top of the ice cream cone. I tilted the cake up a little so it would run down. Lastly I topped the chocolate drizzle with sprinkles!

Check out my video tutorial to see how I did it!

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Baseball Birthday Cake

What kid doesn’t want a baseball birthday cake at some point in their life? Well, there may be some, but for those who do, this cake is awesome!

Picking the design for a birthday cake is actually more challenging than doing the cake itself…most of the time. I will admit, my cakes are not perfect, but I am not trying for perfection. That gets frustrating and takes the fun away from it all. Plus, I am trying to teach my kids mistakes are acceptable and we can always manage to get a good laugh out of them. Like the time I misspelled “birthday” with “birtday”. So guess what? We sang happy “birt-day” and had fun with it. My kids still remember it!

Anyways, my friends little guy, Cameron, turned one back in January and he had a baseball themed party! It was so cute and my friend, Kelly, had the themed nailed down. Hot Dogs, popcorn, nachos at the “concession”, all the good eats for a ball game. What’s more important then the actual food? The cake of course! What’s a party without the cake?!? Be sure to check out the cake decorating video below!

So, I have to be honest. I don’t make my cakes from scratch, at least not for birthday cakes. It already takes so much time to decorate, so using a box cuts the time, and you know, no one knows the difference. Everyone always says how great the cake tastes, so thank you Betty Crocker – you rock! I don’t always make the buttercream from scratch either. It just depends. I did include my recipe below if you are inclined to make it from scratch – it is delicious!!

Cake And Buttercream Recipe

12×18 Sheet Cake great for any Occasion

Cake Decorating Video!

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Harry Potter Birthday Cake

How fun is a Harry Potter Birthday Cake?!! My son is turning eight and he wanted a Harry Potter Birthday Cake! We love Harry Potter we have just finished watching all of the movies with the kids. We even have a dog named Gryffindor!

Besides actually frosting the cake with white, piping the details was easy. For some reason I find it more challenging to get a smooth frosted cake, with out any hiccups. I always find that the frosting pulls up and starts to rip the cake…just being honest here. We definitely had to do some frosting “surgery” on one of the corners.

I like to make things as easy as I can when making cakes. So, yes I used cake from a box… I mixed together Rainbow chip and Cherry Chip. Yes it tasted good, in fact, it tasted really good! I had some dad’s at the party ask me what flavor cake it was, because it was that good!

What Size Cake?

I opted to make a little bit of a smaller cake than I normally do; 15×21. Two boxes of cake mix did the trick and I baked it for about 30 minutes. Definitely check it when the timer goes off because every oven bakes differently.

Colors I Used For The Details

For the details, I used Wilton Buttercup Yellow and Burgundy for the colors. For the black, I bought pre-mixed black in a tube and put it into a piping bag. It’s difficult to get a good black frosting! I had to put a lot of burgundy food coloring in to make it not look like a pinky rose. For the lettering, I Googled “Harry Potter Font” to get the shape of the letters as accurate as I could! See below for my video on how I decorated it!

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One Happy Camper Birthday Cake!

Franklin Is One Happy Camper

My nephew Franklin just turned one and he had such a fun birthday party theme. He was “One Happy Camper”. This theme was perfect because he is always so happy and smiley! Just look at him!

Of Course he needed a cake (or two) for his party! (recipe below!) I love making the cakes for my family. It is so fun, and I always get to partake in eating them! LOL

The hardest part about making a cake is deciding on what to make. So when the theme is chosen by someone else it makes it easy for me!

I decided to do a tent and a campfire in the woods for the sheet cake. I frosted the bottom half with chocolate buttercream (recipe below) for the “ground” and used regular buttercream (recipe below) dyed blue for the sky. Once that was all smoothed out I did the details! Making the fire was my favorite part. I got the new Wilton color swirl coupler. How it works is you put up to three colored frostings that are in separate bags in the same coupler. So when you go to pipe the frosting it swirls the colors together out of one tip! Genius! It was super easy.

Here are the tips I used for the decorations

Here are the colors I used for the cake decorations. I always prefer to make the piping bags with the frosting before I start. It can be time consuming and when your in the “zone” decorating it’s hard to stop and fill more bags…

Since this was a 1st birthday party, we needed a smash cake of course! This was super fun and easy to make. I frosted the cake with chocolate buttercream (recipe below) and made a big campfire using the frosting and the color swirl tool I mentioned above. How easy is that?! Franklin definitely “smashed” this cake. It was such a mess, but well worth the cleanup. (especially because I didn’t have to clean it!)

How cute are these cookies?! I sadly did not make them, but someone did and they were awesome! We were all “One Happy Camper”!

The party was such a great time and a big success! As long as the birthday boy was “One Happy Camper”, so was everyone else!!

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12×18 Sheet Cake great for any Occasion

Baptism Cake

A Joyful Occasion

A Baptism is is such a joyful occasion. It brings close family and friends together to celebrate one’s christening. It’s a very special occasion and is also a great excuse to have cake 🙂 One of my dearest lifelong friend’s baby girl is getting baptized and asked that I would make her cake. Of course I cannot pass that up. I love making cakes, almost as much as I like eating them. Knowing that I am contributing to someone’s special day brings me great joy.

The Cake

I always error on making more than enough cake, because nothing is worse than not having enough…and who doesn’t love leftover cake? I use my Wilton 12×18 sheet pan, which gives you a lot of room to decorate. Mostly I use store bought cake mix and love changing up the flavors. This time I went with Betty Crocker Party Chip! Always a favorite! I want to point out that my cakes are ALWAYS soy free. It’s as simple as using canola oil instead of vegetable oil and checking the ingredients on the cake mix. There are plenty out there that are soy free. I am allergic to soy so it is important to me! Another step most don’t think about when it comes to allergies is the baking spray. I grease the pan with butter and flour because the baking sprays have soy in them…

Easy Buttercream

Normally, I use store bought buttercream because I am so crunched on time, but I was feeling like Betty home-maker today so I made my own. This recipe is fast and easy and, oh yeah, it tastes AMAZING! What I like about homemade buttercream is that it has more body or stiffness to it than the store bought frosting does. Easy Buttercream has a rich taste, not too butter-flavored and isn’t too sweet! (But nothing is ever too sweet for me) For this cake, I did two batches of the Easy Buttercream (recipe below) to frost and decorate the 12×18 sheet cake. To get this beautiful color, I used Wilton’s Rose Petal Pink gel food coloring. I first took some of the plain white frosting I made out of the bowl and set aside, then colored the rest pink. Then, I took some of that out and then dyed the rest darker to give me a few shades of pink. When dying your frosting its always easier to do the big batches in your Kitchen Aid stand mixer, that way you get even color throughout.

Decorating The Cake

This cake was fun to decorate. I wanted it to be simple, yet elegant. In addition, this was a great opportunity to try some new buttercream flowers, with my new Wilton Tips, #129, #190 and #30. These tips make it simple to create flowers! Make sure you do a few test flowers before trying on the cake! That way you can ensure you get the right technique. Be sure to check out my video below to see how I decorated it! I knew I wanted a bunch of flowers and a cross, but I pretty much winged the design. I usually go in with a solid plan, but I was feeling good about it!

Recipe For The Sheet Cake

12×18 Sheet Cake great for any Occasion

Recipe For The Buttercream

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Frozen Birthday Cake

Featuring Elsa and Olaf!!!!

With Frozen 2 coming out soon, everywhere you go there is Frozen toys, clothes, and accessories – you name it! I cannot wait to see the new movie, because the first one was AMAZING!!! I love everything Frozen, especially the ride at Epcot – it is so fun (but only if you have a fastpass!)

My friends niece is having a Frozen themed birthday party, so naturally I said yes to making her cake…that’s what friends are for!!! See below for everything you need to know to make this cake. Pack a little bit of patience, because it’s a little detailed. You can always pick images that are easier to recreate than others. Tailor to your skill level and get decorating!!!

Cake Ingredients

  • 3 Boxes of Cake Mix (althought you only need 2.5 boxes/ Make 12 cupcakes with the rest) – I used Betty Crocker Funfetti – it’s Soy Free!
  • 9 Eggs
  • 3 Cups of Water
  • 1 1/2 Cups Oil – I use Canola – it’s Soy Free!
  • Butter and Flour to grease the pan. I cannot use the baking spray because it has soy lecithin in it – You can if it’s easier for you, but make sure it says “baking spray”. The difference being it has some flour in it and it makes cakes come out of the pan easier. I have tried using regular cooking spray before and the whole cake stuck to the pan…Learn from my mistake!
  • 4 Cans of Betty Crocker Rich and Creamy Vanilla Frosting
  • Pre-made Black Frosting (I really don’t like to dye black. It always seems to look gray)
  • Wilton 12×18 Sheet Pan

Tools Needed To Decorate

Cake Instructions

  • In a stand mixer, (I LOVE my
  • Grease the pan with butter and then put flour in the pan and shake around until fully covered. Or use baking spray!
  • Since you only need 2.5 boxes I fill 12 cupcakes (since that’s half a box) first and then pour the rest into the pan. Having cupcakes is great because when the cake comes out my kids always want to stick their fingers in it, so I just hand them a cupcake instead! You can also taste it to make sure it’s delicious!!
  • Bake the Cake at 325 degrees for 35-45 minutes. Make sure you check the cake with a toothpick and that it comes out clean.
  • After the cake comes out of the oven I put the cupcakes in for 15 minutes
  • Let the Cake cool for 5 minutes in the pan and then put on a cooling rack. It needs to completely cool before you can frost!
  • Once cooled transfer to a cake board
  • TIP – Every oven seems to bake differently. I always put the timer on for 5-10 minutes before the recipe tells me, because I fear it will over cook…My oven cooks super fast and 35 minutes is enough.
  • TIP – If your cake breaks when coming out of the pan (because it happens to the best of us) DON’T PANIC. You can piece it together and carefully cover with frosting. Do your best and keep going. Who’s going to know?!

Frosting / Decorating Instructions

  • Find a picture online or in a coloring book of what you want to put on the cake. I chose a picture of Elsa and Olaf (and I printed multiple – just in case) Cut them out.
  • Dye all of the frosting. Estimate how much you will need for each color. I use 2.5-3 cans to spread over the cake.
  • Put the dyed frosting being used for the details into piping bags, which is everything except what you are going to frost the entire cake with
  • Frost the entire cake – Let that dry a bit before you start tracing the characters.
  • This is when the fun starts! Outline your characters with black icing (in piping bag) I used tip #1
  • After you have outlined them you can cut off some of the paper to trace around more detail. Keep doing that as needed. See my video below!! Fill in the characters with the colors of your choosing.

Superbowl Birthday Cake!

My Nephew’s birthday just so happens to be in February and he wanted a Superbowl Birthday Party! I was so excited to make this cake to go along with the theme, but we needed to know who was playing first! It was the…………………………Patriots vs. Rams! My nephew was rooting for the Rams and sadly they lost, however the Cake took the win that night! (and yes I know the Rams Logo was angled incorrectly, but oh well no one really cared)

People always ask me how I make these cakes. It’s really not THAT hard, but it does take time and patience. You also have to commit, and NEVER give up! I happened to make a time-lapse video while decorating this cake. I wanted to show my kids and it turns out that the adults were just as excited to see the video. This is when I started to realize people were very interested in what goes into decorating a cake, and maybe I should blog about it. For a cake like this that has more detail as in the logos, I always print the size I want on some paper and cut it out. I always print a few. I trace around it with a toothpick or a pen with food coloring, which you can buy at JoAnn’s. In either case you will have to keep wiping it off as you go. Once I do the outline I take the piece of paper off and if there is more detail within the logo I will cut down to that and place it back on and trace some more. I keep going until needed. Then I fill it in with the colors. The outline does NOT need to be perfect because you will be going over it with frosting anyway!

What You Need For This Cake

  • 3 Boxes of Betty Crocker Cake Mix – Any Flavor!
  • Oil – I always use Canola over vegetable – either work
  • 9 Eggs / 3 per box
  • 4-5 Cans of white frosting. I used Vanilla for all. 4 is probably plenty, but when you are dying a bunch of colors it’s better to have more than not enough!
  • Pre-made red frosting! Red is so hard to dye so I usually buy it already dyed. Wilton sells one in a bag with a tip on it already, but I cut the bag open and put into my own bag so I can attach the tip of choice!
  • Pre-made gold piping gel – for the Ram’s logo
  • 12×18 Sheet Cake Pan
  • 12 cupcake papers
  • 19×14 Wilton Cake Box
  • 13×19 Wilton Cake Board
  • #12 Wilton Tip for the border
  • #16 Wilton Tip for the red part of the Patriots Logo
  • #3 Tip for the writing and the logos
  • Royal Blue food dye
  • Brown food dye
  • Moss Green food dye
  • Goal posts. I found these at Party city. They were sold in a large pack, probably for cupcakes.
  • I bake at 375 Degrees F and I always set the timer for 40 minutes then check it and add minutes if needed. I use the Wilton Baking guide for guidance. Keep in mind all ovens are different and some bake faster or slower than others.
    Make sure you grease the pan! I use butter and flour, but you can use spray as well. Make sure it is a baking spray!

Decorating Tips!

  • Make sure the cake is completely cooled – you don’t want the frosting to melt!
  • I always color all of my frosting in the beginning and put them in the piping bags so they are ready to go! (to fill a piping bag I always set it in a tall cup so it will stand up!)
  • Put all 3 cans of frosting on the cake a spread thoroughly. Avoid letting crumbs pull up. If you do, try to wipe them off. You will have excess frosting. Use the spatula to smooth and put the excess back in the bowl.
  • I started with the Yard Lines, then team logos/Football, and finally the border, words and numbers.
  • Happy Decorating!!

A Birthday Party in the Trees

My niece had her 7th Birthday party at the Tree Runner Park near our house. The kids had so much fun Zip Lining and doing the High Ropes Course. I was amazed at the lack of fear these kids showed. They climed for a few hours, then came down for Pizza and the cake of course!!! To go along with the birthday party in the trees, she asked for a Tree House Cake!

I was so excited to make this cake! She asked for Carrot Cake, and let me tell you…it was a crowd-pleaser. All of the kids loved it! I used Betty Crocker Delights Super Moist Carrot Cake Mix, with Cream Cheese Frosting. Delish!

Birthday Girl Was Happy!

Ashley loved her birthday cake. That always makes me so happy to see the birthday girl/boy’s face when they first see the cake. It really is the centerpiece of the party!

What I Used

I used Betty Crocker Carrot Cake. It was amazing. Everyone always thinks I make it from scratch. The truth is I don’t have time to make a cake from scratch AND decorate it. So I always use the boxed cake and Frosting to give me the most time to decorate. I used the Wilton 12×18 baking sheet which is 2.5 boxes of the cake mix. I always use the leftovers for 12 cupcakes. This helps because my kids can taste it and not stick their fingers in the cake, and I can taste it ahead of time and make sure I know what I am serving!!!

I also used Betty Crocker pre-made frosting. Yum! This frosting is the best that I have tried. It doesn’t taste artificial like some other store bought frosting. I used a combination of Vanilla, Cream Cheese and Chocolate. I frosted the whole cake with 3 cans of the cream cheese. I dyed that with Wilton Sky Blue. Then I dyed one can of Vanilla with the Wilton Moss Green. Finally I used the Chocolate for the Tree. To get different dimensions of brown I mixed a little vanilla frosting with some of the brown to give it a lighter shade so I would have two shades of brown. I also did that for the green.

What You Need for This Cake

  • 3 Boxes of Betty Crocker Cake Mix – Any Flavor!
  • 5 Cans of white frosting. I used 3 Cream Cheese and 2 Vanilla
  • 1 Can of Chocolate frosting
  • Oil – I always use Canola over vegetable – either work
  • 9 Eggs / 3 per box
  • 12×18 Sheet Cake Pan
  • 12 cupcake papers
  • 19×14 Wilton Cake Box
  • 13×19 Wilton Cake Board
  • Wilton #233 Tip for the grass
  • #47 Tip for the tree
  • #67 Tip for the leaves and border
  • #3 Tip for the writing
  • I bake at 375 Degrees F and I always set the timer for 40 minutes then check it and add minutes if needed. I use the Wilton Baking guide for guidance. Keep in mind all ovens are different and some bake faster or slower than others.
  • Make sure you grease the pan! I use butter and flour, but you can use spray as well. Make sure it is a baking spray!

Decorating Tips

  • Make sure the cake is completely cooled – you don’t want the frosting to melt!
  • I always color all of my frosting in the beginning and put them in the piping bags so they are ready to go! (to fill a piping bag I always set it in a tall cup so it will stand up!)
  • Put all 3 cans of frosting on the cake a spread thoroughly. Avoid letting crumbs pull up. If you do, try to wipe them off.
  • I started with the tree, then the tree house, then I did the leaves, grass and then the boarder. I finished with the writing!
  • Happy Decorating!!