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Baptism Cake

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A Joyful Occasion

A Baptism is is such a joyful occasion. It brings close family and friends together to celebrate one’s christening. It’s a very special occasion and is also a great excuse to have cake 🙂 One of my dearest lifelong friend’s baby girl is getting baptized and asked that I would make her cake. Of course I cannot pass that up. I love making cakes, almost as much as I like eating them. Knowing that I am contributing to someone’s special day brings me great joy.

The Cake

I always error on making more than enough cake, because nothing is worse than not having enough…and who doesn’t love leftover cake? I use my Wilton 12×18 sheet pan, which gives you a lot of room to decorate. Mostly I use store bought cake mix and love changing up the flavors. This time I went with Betty Crocker Party Chip! Always a favorite! I want to point out that my cakes are ALWAYS soy free. It’s as simple as using canola oil instead of vegetable oil and checking the ingredients on the cake mix. There are plenty out there that are soy free. I am allergic to soy so it is important to me! Another step most don’t think about when it comes to allergies is the baking spray. I grease the pan with butter and flour because the baking sprays have soy in them…

Easy Buttercream

Normally, I use store bought buttercream because I am so crunched on time, but I was feeling like Betty home-maker today so I made my own. This recipe is fast and easy and, oh yeah, it tastes AMAZING! What I like about homemade buttercream is that it has more body or stiffness to it than the store bought frosting does. Easy Buttercream has a rich taste, not too butter-flavored and isn’t too sweet! (But nothing is ever too sweet for me) For this cake, I did two batches of the Easy Buttercream (recipe below) to frost and decorate the 12×18 sheet cake. To get this beautiful color, I used Wilton’s Rose Petal Pink gel food coloring. I first took some of the plain white frosting I made out of the bowl and set aside, then colored the rest pink. Then, I took some of that out and then dyed the rest darker to give me a few shades of pink. When dying your frosting its always easier to do the big batches in your Kitchen Aid stand mixer, that way you get even color throughout.

Decorating The Cake

This cake was fun to decorate. I wanted it to be simple, yet elegant. In addition, this was a great opportunity to try some new buttercream flowers, with my new Wilton Tips, #129, #190 and #30. These tips make it simple to create flowers! Make sure you do a few test flowers before trying on the cake! That way you can ensure you get the right technique. Be sure to check out my video below to see how I decorated it! I knew I wanted a bunch of flowers and a cross, but I pretty much winged the design. I usually go in with a solid plan, but I was feeling good about it!

Recipe For The Sheet Cake

Recipe For The Buttercream

I hope you have enjoyed this cake! Be sure to subscribe to my blog to see more from me! Here are some other cakes you may enjoy.

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